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June 15, 2022

With great interest, we held the second part of our Common Criteria, The Security Passport workshop


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It proved to be a good decision to continue our workshop on Common Criteria on 9th June 2022. Many professionals attended to get first-hand information and updates from the world of CC and there has also been a lot of interest in CCGuide, our new educational material. Once again we made the presentations available on-demand to those who were unable to attend.

With many years of experience behind us, we also faced several challenges from our clients, which gave us the idea to organize a workshop onCommon Criteria last autumn. Our goal was to provide useful information and consultancy in preparing for Common Criteria evaluation. However, the world of CC is constantly changing, so the next workshop on this topic seemed necessary.

We have now tried to approach the topic of our workshop from several perspectives. Therefore in addition to CCLab’s experts, we invited as a guest speaker Mr. Hendrik Dettmer from TÜV Trust-IT, to speak about the expected changes related to the EUCC, and Mr. Marc Le Guin from TÜViT to share his experiences with BSI.

What could the participants learn?

-         The future role of national schemes – dr. Katalin Szűcs

-         Latest updates on EUCC scheme – Hendrik Dettmer

-         BSI vs. OCSI- differences between the German and Italian scheme – Bence Szabó & Marc Le Guin

-         Best practices for Common Criteria- zero to hero– Jonatán Bodó

-         Introducing CCGuide, our new educational tool –Dániel Király


If you have missed any of our Common Criteria workshops, here’s the chance to check them out on-demand:

Common Criteria, the security passport - Part 1.

Common Criteria, the security passport - Part 2.

Are you interested in CCGuide early access program? Contact us and we will help you!


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