Contribution to
the profession

ENISA Workgroup

International involvement in the security industry

In 2019 our former CTO, Mr. Gábor HORNYAK was selected to join the 1. Ad Hoc Workgroup of ENISA (European Union Agency for Cybersecurity, which is responsible to work out the Common Criteria Scheme as the first information security evaluation and conformity methods of all based on the new Cybersecurity Act of the EU.

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Thanks to the joint efforts and professional work of the group including other respected representatives of the international cybersecurity industry the new Common Criteria based European cybersecurity certification scheme (EUCC) was published and presented for public consultation in July, 2020.

Since then CCLab has actively been gathering and sharing information, educating its potential clients on the upcoming EUCC scheme.

ISCI Workgroup

International involvement in the security industry

CCLAB has been a member of the ISCI WG1 (International Security Certification Initiative Working Group 1) since the beginning of 2018.

In 2020 former CTO of CCLab, Mr. Gábor Hornyák led the Certified Product Updates subgroup of ISCI WG1. This group aims to solve the problem of assurance related to the security of product updates, vulnerability and patch management.

The group's proposal for new SAR components and Packages in Common Criteria for Patch Management can be downloaded below:

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Eurosmart Community

International involvement in the security industry

In June 2020, CCLab joined Eurosmart, a group of great professionals of the cybersecurity industry.

Eurosmart with its 25+ years of experience is considered to be the “The voice of the Digital Security Industry” gathering technological experts in the field of Digital security.

Our aim is to contribute to all cybersecurity-related issues, which are addressed to the General Assembly and other professional groups of Eurosmart.

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