Smart Metering Solutions

ISO15408 - Common Criteria for Smart Metering

Common Criteria Protection Profiles include detailed descriptions of all the minimum security requirements which should be met by any smart metering product available on the market.

Smart Meter Protection Profiles support the requirements of all stakeholders. The Protection Profiles are based on wide industrial collaboration, while they are also practical and easy to use.
The usability, quality, and robustness are supported by CEN/CENELEC/ETSI/BSI/ and Common Criteria. 

Relevant Common Criteria Protection Profiles:

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ISO15408 - Common Criteria for Smart Metering
IEC 62443 - Industrial Control System Security for Smart Metering

IEC 62443 - Industrial Control System Security for Smart Metering

The IEC 62443 series was originally developed for Industrial Automation and Control Systems, which have similarities with IoT and Smart Cities, in terms its architecture and functions. IEC 62443, in each of its specialised parts, covers all aspects playing a role in cybersecurity. Depending on which particular aspect needs evaluation, a suitable set of requirements are available. 

These range from design of complete systems, to quality assurance procedures on patch management. The IEC 62443 provides independently verifiable criteria to all types of stakeholders in cybersecurity.

Your benefits:

  • Comply to NIS directive
  • Gain trust by certified supplier
  • While The NIS directive also 
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Swiss METAS Data Security for Smart Metering

Accurate data collection and secure data transfer are a must for the smart meter market. Smart metering solutions need to be METAS certified (METAS Zertifizierung) in Switzerland since 2019.
According to the Electricity Supply Ordinance (Stromversorgungsverordnung), Switzerland has taken a big step forward by standardizing the requirements for Smart Metering Environments. The Swiss Certification Body, METAS issues certificates for smart metering system components based on independent third party evaluations done by CCLab.

Our experts will guide you through the smart metering certification by:

  • Readiness assessment
  • Pre-evaluation
  • Official METAS DS evaluation for certification
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RED - Cybersecurity for Smart Metering

RED - Cybersecurity for Smart Metering

Wireless technology has a significant impact on the automotive supply chain. As levels of connectivity increase, and we find ever-more complex technologies in smart metering, the compliance process becomes increasingly intricate and unpredictable.

Economic operators associated with the energy industry have the EU’s Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU (RED) to deal with, and must ensure that they have implemented their responsibilities accordingly. In 2021 the Commission has taken action to improve the cybersecurity of wireless devices available on the European market. This act lays down new legal requirements for cybersecurity safeguards, which manufacturers will have to take into account in the design and production of the concerned products.

The new cybersecurity measures will help to:

  • Improve network resilience
  • Better protect consumers' privacy
  • Reduce the risk of monetary fraud
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