Common Criteria Evaluation

Common Criteria EAL4+ evaluation project within 4 months

Common Criteria Consultancy

Professional support to prepare for a succesful Common Criteria evaluation

Swiss Smart Metering

METAS Data security certification (DSC) for your smart metering device.

Medical Device Security

Conformity assessments related to the cybersecurity resilience of medical devices.

Industrial Control System Security

Complete evaluation and certification lifecycle management under ISA/IEC 62443 standard.

Automotive CSMS

Cybersecurity Management System and ISO/SAE 21434 compliance solutions  for the automotive industry.

Cybersecurity Evaluation

HW and SW penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and more for all industries


Conformity Assessment and Consultation for qualified trust service providers (QTSP)

Cybersecurity baseline for consumer IoT devices

Protecting Industrial Control Systems against cyberattacks became more important than ever before.