Who we are

CCLab Ltd. was founded in 2013 as an agile, ISO 17025 accredited cybersecurity laboratory primarily to work in Common Criteria evaluations and consultations.

It has been accredited by OCSI, Certification Body of the Italian Scheme since 2015 and by BSI, the German CB since 2022. CCLab conducted many successful Common Criteria evaluation and consultation projects and the number keeps increasing in size and quality continuously each year.

In 2023 CClab has joined the QIMA group, a global Testing, Inspection and Certification player, operating in more than 100 countries from 60 offices and labs. Within its consumer goods division, QIMA offers specific conformity assessment services to the electrical & electronics industry and has an extensive global client base of IoT device brands and manufacturers, for which there is a growing need for cybersecurity compliance assessment, training and consulting expertise.

Since 2019 CCLab has become one of the leading accredited laboratories in cybersecurity evaluations of smart metering devices for the energy industry. Among others we have great experience in data security evaluations in Switzerland under the METAS certification scheme.

We are actively supporting different industries (ICS, automotive, medical, etc...) with additional information/data security-related services for organizations and product lines as well as risk assessment, gap analysis, penetration, and vulnerability tests.

Agility makes us different - The agile methodology we use during our evaluation projects is a great benefit to our clients both financially and time-wise.
Together with other major players in the TIC (Testing, Inspection, and Certification) sector CCLab joined QTICS Group in 2021. The international expansion of this group of companies has been successful and continuous since then.

CCLab’s experts have a high level of technical competence in cybersecurity, and also a great experience in providing the necessary proficiency that our clients need during consultation and evaluation processes.

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Our Management

Ferenc Molnár

Ferenc Molnár

Founder & CEO

Ferenc is the founder and CEO of CCLab. He is a renowned businessman, and co-founder of QTICS Group and of other enterprises in the IT industry. He is a teacher, programmer, mathematician, and a very well experienced and organized manager.

Zoltán Karászi

Zoltán Karászi

Chairman & BDM

Zoltán is the founder and co-owner of CCLab and also co-founder of QTICS Group. He is responsible for business development. He is founder of further companies within the TIC (test inspection certification industry) apart from CCLab.

Kamilla Tóth

Kamilla Tóth

COO & Head of Marketing

Kamilla is an experienced manager and marketing professional who has worked in different fields of the IT industry. She has 20+ years of experience in PR, marketing and communications. She is skilled in business planning and operations, crisis management and digital strategy.

Dr. Katalin Szűcs

Dr. Katalin Szűcs

COO & Head of Legal

Katalin is a highly experienced legal expert with 15+ years of management experience. Within the IT security field she has most detailed insights of PKI and digital signature solutions. Her strong background in technical project management and deep understanding of Common Criteria regulations gives her insights into the challenges of a CC evaluation process. 

Levente Cseh

Levente Cseh

Sales Manager

Levente is an Electrical Engineer and the main point of contact regarding commercial and business development challenges throughout CCLab's portfolio.

He has an extensive knowledge in Computer Networking, especially Wireless Networks and NG Firewalls.

Imre Fodor

Imre Fodor

Head of Laboratories (Budapest & Debrecen)

Imre is the Head of our Laboratories (Budapest & Debrecen). He is a trained mechanical and electrical engineer and a qualified common criteria evaluator. He is also an IT security consultant, IT security auditor (ISO27001), and a quality assurance representative (ISO9001) as well.

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Contributions to the

Our aim is to help the cybersecurity profession by active contribution to the interpretation work. CCLab participates in international associations and working groups.

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ISCI (International Security Certification Initiative) Working Group 1

ENISA (European Union Agency for Cybersecurity)
1. Ad Hoc Working Group

EUROSMART - The voice of the Digital Industry

Laboratory Accreditations

CCLab is an internationally acknowledged evaluation facility under the Italian Common Criteria Scheme.

Our certification was issued by OCSI (Organismo di Certificatione della Sicurezza Informatica) under the registration number:
No. 1/2018 with the official name


CCLab is an acknowledged testing laboratory. Our Laboratory accredited by NAH (Nemzeti Akkreditáló Hatóság) under the number:


CCLab is accredited by the FIDO Alliance to perform Level 2 Authenticator Security Evaluations.CCLab is accredited in accordance with the FIDO lab policy under the number: Certificate No. LA01010020190325001