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This downloadable infographics introduces the Common Criteria Evaluation process to you. Explore now for free.


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This FREE downloadable infographic will guide you through the Common Criteria Assessment process.

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It is a must-have tool if you are planning a Common Criteria evaluation.

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This downloadable infographic briefly and transparently shows you how and what steps the Common Criteria evaluation process takes place, who is responsible for what, and also finds out how long the evaluation phases are expected to take.

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By accessing this downloadable infographic, you gain access to a comprehensive flowchart meticulously illustrating the sequential steps and methodologies integral to the Common Criteria evaluation process,  it delineates the time investment required for each step, offering a realistic perspective on the temporal demands of the assessment.

The visual representation not only enhances comprehension but also facilitates strategic planning by presenting a cohesive overview of the process. Do not miss the opportunity to equip yourself with this valuable resource.

This FREE material is a must-have tool if you are planning a Common Criteria Evaluatiot! Download it NOW. 

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