Automotive Cybersecurity and ISO/SAE 21434 compliance

A new era has come with modern and (semi)autonomous vehicles
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In the advent of cooperative, connected, and automated mobility, cars today are increasingly exposed to cyberattacks. These vehicles became „rolling, flying, floating networked computers”. Cyberattacks could not only cause material damage, but they may put human lives in danger. New regulations, such as Regulation
UN R155, UN R156, and standards like ISO/SAE 21434 are coming up to support building resilient modern vehicles.


Meet cybersecurity requirements of ISO/SAE 21434, UN R155 and UN R156

We can support automotive industry players in type-approval homologation. Have a confident transition with CCLab solutions.
CCLab is an accredited cybersecurity laboratory with an extensive history of international cybersecurity consultation and evaluation projects. During the evaluation we verify security goals, concepts, requirements, and implementations, we evaluate the cybersecurity-related methods, tools, guidelines, known attack methods, and cybersecurity controls, we review and evaluate software, IoT products (e.g. Software on Chip), work products, and evidence.


Who needs to comply
with ISO/SAE 21434?

Vehicle manufacturers

Automotive industry suppliers

The regulations (UN R155 and UN R156) will enter into force in the EU for new vehicle types from July 2022, after that from July 2024 onwards, for all newly manufactured cars. Under ISO/SAE 21434, car manufacturers will be responsible for complying with the regulations and being able to provide a high level of cybersecurity throughout their supply chain.

What is the benefit of working with us with your automotive cybersecurity certifications?

Smooth transition to ISO/SAE 21434 is guaranteed in a “one-stop shop”

Conformity is guaranteed and additional international certificates can be gathered

Dedicated professionals’ guidance will release tense and shorten project time

Real value provided for reasonable pricing

How can we help
automotive manufacturers?


  • Readiness assessment

  • Gap analysis

  • Risk assessment

  • Vulnerability testing (testing and training)

  • Preparation for certification

  • Technical advice & consultation,

  • Checking & evaluating technical documentation,

  • Complete type-approval process management.


  • Implementation of Cybersecurity Management system (based on ISO 9001 standard),

  • Tailoring cybersecurity activities, support of designing security goals, concepts, identify security requirements,

  • Vulnerability assessment and the evaluation of cybersecurity measures (from planning to implementation and certification),

  • Risk management support, threat scenario discovery,

  • Attack paths discovery and attack potential determination,

  • Attack feasibility rating and impact analysis of existing processes,

  • Common Criteria Pre-Assessment.

Our complex solution is based on ISO 27001, ISO 31000,
and Common Criteria (ISO 15408) Evaluation.


Kenneth Lasoski

Kenneth Lasoski

Versa Networks

Evaluation team was extremely reasonable and flexible with resolution to findings and was helpful in finding agreeable solutions for CB comments. Consultation team was always responsive and helped shape the documentation for easier evaluation, and provided useful recommendations on satisfying SFR/SARs.

Thierry Bonda

Thierry Bonda


CCLab was well prepared, flexible during the whole evaluation process, and supported us with continuous communication and guidance. Many lessons were learnt during the project and CCLab has always been looking for solutions, supporting our developers the best way they could. The new Swiss evaluation methodology was a good and professional basis to work with, but both parties had to learn how to deal with it.

Jake Nelson

Jake Nelson

Corsec Security Inc.

The relationship between Corsec and CCLab has been instrumental in helping product vendors successfully complete the Common Criteria certification process. As a Common Criteria consultant to the product vendor, Corsec relies on CCLab’s responsiveness and expertise to quickly and thoroughly complete the testing component of the process. CCLab has been essential in managing multiple projects, their professionalism has helped ensure product vendor satisfaction and ultimate project success.

Alexander Testov

Alexander Testov

AO Kaspersky Lab.

"I would definitely recommend CCLab to anyone in need of Common Criteria certification. Our cooperation was comfortable, well organized and efficient. I am totally satisfied with the result."

Dayton Marcucci

Dayton Marcucci

HID Global

The CCLab team gave us full support to adapt to the changes during product development. Whatever the challenges faced they could keep the due dates and we were able to complete the process quickly and efficiently. The real agile lab helped our success. We are going to work with them again. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to get its product certified.

Jaime Chica

Jaime Chica

NXP Semiconductors

It was a well-managed project which achieved success in an effortless manner.

Kalev Pihl

Kalev Pihl

SK ID Solutions

We needed a lab that works quickly but with high work morale and quality of work. CCLab is exactly like that! It was good cooperation experience to work with them. The project was rather complex and our expectations maybe even too high, but the team was committed to the common goals and could keep the milestones; therefore we were able to deliver what was needed. I highly recommend CCLab team to anyone for their great team spirit, quality orientations, agility and reasonable pricing.

Israr Ahmed

Israr Ahmed

Ascertia Ltd.

On behalf of Ascertia, accept my appreciation for the excellent job done by CCLab team over the past several months in achieving the Common Criteria Certificate for ADSS Server SAM solution. It was an enormous undertaking but went smoothly and efficiently! Thanks to your leadership and dedication combined with your staff's teamwork and energy, we achieved our target. You and your employees should take great pride in this accomplishment. We look forward to extend our work with you for our next certification milestone and hope will continue to get such excellent service.

Zsolt Rózsahegyi

Zsolt Rózsahegyi

I4P Informatics Ltd.

Thanks to the agile processes we've been able to add new features to the product during the evaluation that made it even more valuable to customers. CCLAB efficiently supported us throughout the whole change management process. The predictability, accurate scheduling, and supportive mindset helped us to finish the project in time.