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November 18, 2021

We held our Common Criteria, The Security Passport workshop


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We held our Common Criteria workshop on 18th November, 2021.

“Common Criteria - The Security Passport”
On November 18th 2021 we held our first online Common Criteria professional workshop for an international audience. Our purpose was to share useful and practical information about Common Criteria Evaluation. The speakers examined all aspects of Common Criteria evaluation from 4 perspectives. The invited keynote speakers and our team members presented different points of view and it has created a really interesting workshop with nearly 40 participants from different parts of the world, representing a number of respected companies.

We are so glad to see the success of our first online workshop discussing different aspects of Common Criteria Evaluation. Several companies joined our workshop and the participants were varied by profession. The number of participants and the outstanding active participation during the workshop was honorable for us.
„I was so happy when I saw how many people had joined our workshop. It is always great to see that our intention to support clients and potential clients generates such great interest. ” – Imre Fodor, Head of Laboratory, CCLab.

Our purpose is to create value and contribute to the world being a more secure place to live. With our knowledge and experience, we can help others who will get started on a new CC evaluation. Based on the participation it seems that the attendees from experienced companies also listened to the presentations with pleasure and interest.
Our guest speakers were really up-to-date on the Common Criteria topics. The Kaspersky Lab Inc., TÜV TRUST IT, Corsec Security Inc. are leaders in the cybersecurity field.
„It was a really well-organized workshop and I would gladly come to the next one as well. I hope that I could help other companies with our previous experiences as a client as we had already gone a long way on this road. ” – Alexander Testov, Senior Product Certification Manager, Kaspersky.

Matthew Appler, CEO of Corsec talked about the role and importance of consultancy in CC projects.
“We have had several successful Common Criteria evaluation projects together with the CCLab team in the past few years. I happily accepted their invitation and it was fun to see how they worked as a team during this workshop. I also enjoyed answering the incoming questions from the audience, which proved the quality of professionals within the participants.” - Matthew Appler, CEO, Corsec.

Hendrik Dettmer from TÜVTRUST IT introduced us to the CC landscape in general and presented a hint of the upcoming EUCC Scheme and at last but not least, Alexander Testov from Kaspersky talked about Kaspersky's client experience with CCLab and other CC laboratories.
Mr. Dettmer said: “I was happy to contribute to CCLab’s workshop with my insights. It was great working with our partner and I hope to have a chance for joint personal events soon somewhere in Europe.”  

The CCLab team also held useful and interesting presentations. The speakers from the CCLab were Jonatán Bodó, dr. Katalin Szűcs and Gergely Czuczor, who gave some tips from preparation till the end of a complex Common Criteria document evaluation and pentesting.
Thanks to the attendees for their participation and activity during the event for making it such a fantastic and really interactive workshop.  The incoming questions throughout the whole workshop were useful and also helped to diversify our main topic. There were questions about other cybersecurity topics we can use for the next workshop planning.

If you missed our workshop, please contact us and we will share the details.
The presentations of the workshop are available on-demand on our webpage! Please register and watch all the presentations whenever and wherever you can.

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