The Digitalist Team
October 7, 2020

October is the European Cybersecurity Month


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Ask any hacker about the motivation behind his efforts, he/she will most probably answer that ’to prove the point that it’s hackable’. Not one will say ’because I earn money from that’ even if they do. This mission keeps the ’hacker industry’ moving and as it is a strong one, we all need to be prepared.

As electronic devices around us are getting smarter and more connected, digital traces of our life stored here and there at places we cannot even remember. It is the producers’ or the service providers’ responsibility to safeguard our data and make sure no hackers could access.

It is not just about data though. It is as well about access to important devices in our home, at our workplace or even when we are on the move.

  • What if our smart coffee machine gets mad and asks for a ransom to get back to normal?
  • What if our medical device storing our personal and healthcare data gets stolen and someone uses it for blackmailing us?
  • Whose responsibility is that if our autonomous car gets hacked and causes an accident?
  • What if someone takes over a fleet of drones and uses them for unwanted purposes?

The number of these ’what if’ questions are endless. We all need to team up against to make sure our customers never experience the frustration of reading ransom messages, get their data stolen or their property or rights damaged.

The EU realized that a cross-industry initiative is needed to tackle the growing risks in a world where 5G opportunities are blowing up the world of the Internet Of Things.

That’s why was created in 2012, and as countries became more aware of the initiative it started to fill up with events and knowledge to be shared.

So what’s in it for you?

If you work in the cybersecurity industry, the answer is pretty easy. You can join the awareness campaign to share your knowledge, create events, webinars, give lectures at universities, colleges and even in high schools. You can also educate your current and future clients, take interns, participate on industry meetings, create awareness campaigns. It is a great opportunity to give back to the community and teach what you are best in, i.e. information security.

If you are just simply interested in the topic, this month is also for you, filled in with webinars from the best in class with the very latest news and updates about the industry.

Browse the Cybersecurity month website for interesting topics!

We at CCLab believe that Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility and it is important for all of us, so please feel free to listen to our senior executives on any of the following meetings:

Workshop (ONLINE) - "Cybersecurity of Autonomous Vehicles"

2020. 10. 26.

Our, CTO & Head of Budapest Laboratory, Mr. Gábor HORNYÁK's presentation: "Cybersecurity certifications in Europe" can be listened to during the afternoon session.

ICCC 2020 Conference (ONLINE)

2020. 11. 16.

“The changes of change management” will be presented by our CTO, Head of Budapest Laboratory - Mr. Gábor HORNYÁK.

ONLINE Training: "Cybersecurity of Medical Devices"

2020. 11. 24.

Quality Management Director, Chief Information Security Officer, Mr. György Arató will present at the open training course on "Cybersecurity of Medical Devices".