The Digitalist Team
December 15, 2020

ID&Trust Identity Applet Suite has received Common Criteria certificates


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CCLab was chosen to be the information security laboratory for this project in 2016. These evaluation processes were very complex challenges for both the Common Criteria laboratory and the developer team. Through professional cooperation between the parties, ID&Trust Identity Applet Suite v3.4 on NXP® Semiconductors JCOP 4 P71 successfully gained 4 Common Criteria (EAL4+) security certificates on 28th October, 2020 according to 4 different Protection Profiles.

NXP brought many lessons and pleasant moments during the past 4 years. CCLab was flexible and well-organized throughout the work, thanks to which the client's development team also received the necessary support for successful evaluation projects for the following 4 configurations of the product:

  • IDentity Applet v3.4/BAC on NXP’s JCOP 4 P71
    The “IDentity Applet v3.4/BAC” is a contactless integrated circuit chip containing components for a machine-readable travel document (MRTD) programmed according to the Logical Data Structure (LDS) and providing the Basic Access Control (BAC).
  • IDentity Applet v3.4/PACE-EAC1 on NXP’s JCOP 4 P71  
    The “IDentity Applet v3.4/PACE-EAC1” is an electronic travel document representing a contactless smart card programmed according to ICAO Technical Report “Supplemental Access Control” and additionally providing the Extended Access Control (EAC). The communication between terminal and chip is protected by Password Authenticated Connection Establishment (PACE).
  • IDentity Applet v3.4/eIDAS on NXP’s JCOP 4 P71  
    The “IDentity Applet v3.4/eIDAS” is a contactless smart card with the IDentity Applet Suite v3.4 configured as IDentity Applet/eIDAS. The TOE is applicable as an electronic document with three applications (ePassport, eID and eSign), which comply with the relevant eIDAS-related standards and provides all necessary security protocols (PACE, EAC1 and EAC2). The TOE supports all document profiles (European Passport, Identity Card with Protected MRTD Application and Identity Card with optional EU-compliant MRTD Application) of BSI TR-03110.
  • IDentity Applet v3.4/QSCD on NXP’s JCOP 4 P71  
    The “IDentity Applet v3.4/QSCD” is a Qualified Signature Creation Device (QSCD) representing a contactless smart card which is able to generate Signature Creation Data (SCD) and create qualified electronic signatures. The TOE protects the SCD and ensures that only an authorized signatory can use it.

It was a well-managed project which achieved success in an effortless manner. “– Mr. Jaime Chica, Product Manager at NXP Semiconductors pointed out summarizing the common work.

I have to say thanks to everyone for the successful evaluation processes. It was a great challenge and we are ever happy that NXP chose us for this project. It was fun to work with NXP, and also with OCSI, who were the best of all, even while the responsible representative handed over the project to a new colleague during the work.” – said Mr. Gábor Hornyák, CCLab CTO.

It was another time when CCLab has proven its expertise on the security evaluation field of smart card applets. Both parties highlighted the helpful and solution-oriented attitude at the end of the collaboration.

Congratulations to the NXP and ID&Trust teams on successful product certification and we also look forward to working together more.

ID&Trust is a global expert in digital identity verification technologies. Founded in 2002, ID&Trust has worked on pioneering projects, both local and international, for private and public organizations. We have developed electronic passports with ICAO PKD in Japan, health cards for 20 million people in Romania and a multifunctional card solution for eIDAS-compliant, new-generation electronic ID cards in Hungary.