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May 10, 2022

Common Critera, The Security Passport- Part 2.


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We continue our Common Criteria workshop series, join us on 9th June 2022!

Insights and updates from the world of CC, so as first-hand information and advice on preparation will be shared with the attendees. CCGuide, a new supporting tool will be introduced to developers who are willing to start a new Common Criteria certification project. CCGuide is a complex educational material, including developer document templates, consultancy hours and video tutorials to get the best out of the package. Everyone joining our workshop will get a huge discount from the educational material.

We help to be prepared easily with our knowledge and experiences

After last year’s success of our first Common Criteria online workshop we decided to continue the series. Since we started to work with Common Criteria we have seen numerous challenges our clients and their developers were facing. During Common Criteria consultation projects our experts supported the world’s leading IT companies and they all had similar issues while preparing for their first Common Criteria evaluation project. The experiences to these past projects and the questions we had received since last year’s workshop gave us the idea to develop CCGuide, our new, Common Criteria educational material. We will be introducing the benefits this material could provide to any companies starting a CC certification project.

CCLab’s professionals and the invited experts will be presenting following topics this time:

  • Latest updates on the EUCC scheme 
  • The future role of national schemes 
  • Differences between the German and Italian schemes
  • Best practices for Common Criteria - zero to hero  
  • Introducing, CCGuide - your new support to CC certification 

As we would like to give as much support as possible to our existing and potential client, we will present the latest updates and try to share the best of our knowledge about Common Criteria with the participants. Having seen the success last year, we invited Mr. Hendrik Dettmer from  TÜV Trust IT Ltd. again, who has extensive experience in the CC evaluation. In his presentation, Mr. Dettmer will outline the expected changes to the introduction of the EUCC.

Why should you attend our Common Criteria - The security passport - Part 2. workshop?

Because in a friendly atmosphere but with serious professional content, we welcome all of those who are interested in Common Criteria evaluation. Because you will have the opportunity to ask whatever you need to know about Common Criteria in general or in relation to a certain issue. Because you can be part of the Early Access Program to get access with a big discount to our new CC educational material which allows easy preparation for Common Criteria certification projects.

With this unique solution in the market, we provide a tailor-made supporting tool based on previous client experiences. We developed aninformation package to maximize the efficiency of your preparation so that you could finish your Common Criteria evaluation project cost-effectively in a uniquely short time. The tutorial was prepared by experienced consultants and certified evaluators at CCLab, so you can be sure that this educational material is based on our first-hand knowledge, and raises real issues with truly practical solutions. If you participate in this workshop you can be a member of our CCGuide Early Access program and get a 50% discount on our new CC educational material! 

Have you missed our CC workshops? Don’t worry, you can get the videos for FREE and view them whenever you have time.

CCLab Ltd. was founded in 2013 as an agile software laboratory primarily to work on Common Criteria evaluations and consultations. It has been accredited by OCSI (the Certification Body of the Italian Scheme) since 2015 and by BSI (the Certification Body of German Scheme) since 2022. Moreover, CCLab is a market leading laboratory for METAS data security evaluations of smart metering devices in Switzerland. 

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