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Want to understand the MDR, IVDR regulation? Download our e-book on the latest requirements of medical cybersecurity


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E-book for MDR, IVDR regulation compliance

Want to understand the Medical Device Directive? Need to know how you can comply with the latest medical cybersecurity regulations?

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Guide for the Medical Device Directive

In this comprehensive e-book, we will elaborate on all major cybersecurity aspects of the new medical cybersecurity regulations from the medical device manufacturers' point of view. We will explore the smart medical device market as a whole, the contents of these regulations, the actions they require, and the steps manufacturers need to take to comply with cybersecurity requirements.

What is the MDR, IVDR regulation E-book about?

  • What is IoMT?
  • The most common types and causes of medical device exploitations
  • What is MDR?
  • What is IVDR?
  • Who are the parties involved in the compliance procedure?
  • Complexities of MDR
  • and more.

Download for FREE and learn about the latest regulations on the cybersecurity of medical devices to gain a clearer understanding of the requirements of medical device standards and regulations.

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