The Digitalist Team
March 9, 2020

2019 in retrospective, we have a lot to do this year


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A fraction of aspect and at the same time unthinkable damages.

Here at CCLab, we have always kept our focus on the most critical corners of IT and high-security solutions.

We have been able to develop and widen our experiences throughout the years.

In 2019 our Smart Metering Division has handled a number of projects and we have been able to refocus some of our resources towards the field of IoT.

We believe in the new digital era where IoT devices available with state of the art security.

Thanks to jtsec’s retrospect of 2019, it is easier than ever to identify and understand schemas within high-security products.

As in 2019, we have successfully evaluated 5 products within Common Criteria. We stand proudly in the midfield next to most acknowledged laboratories by the number of evaluations.

See the international report.

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