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December 21, 2021

We are getting ready for the Holidays with an Ugly Sweater Championship!


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Nowadays the ugly Christmas Sweater Championship has become one of the most popular parts of the holiday season, where we can showcase our creativity and our ugly sense, so  CCLab also decided to arrange this funny in-house championship.

We asked our colleagues to unleash their imagination, use their bad tastes (if any :) ) and create the ugliest sweater ever. Luckily there were many applications, colleagues took our advice and very creative solutions were born including lighted sweaters, matching pairs of Christmas sweaters and a super video as well.

The voting took place on a questionnaire, we voted for the category winners ourselves and announced them at our Christmas Party. We announced winners in several categories.

The ugliest sweater(s) category winners are:

Ágnes Utassy and József Markovics-Horváth, Common Criteria evaluators @ CCLab

Ági and Józsi are qualified evaluators at CCLab. They won this year’s ugliest sweater title, so they are the first couple in CCLab’s life to be able to pocket this award. They used as many Christmas figures and colorful striped samples as possible, so it's no surprise that they won the category.          

The funniest sweater and the most difficult sweater to make category’s winner is:

Jonatán Bodó, Sales manager at CCLab.

Johnny won the best award in 2 categories: he got the funniest sweater award and he got the hardest sweater to make award as well. He made a video in which we were able to follow the process of making the ugly sweater from the moment we called for the championship until the ugly sweater was done.

It was our first Ugly Christmas Sweater Championship, and we hope that more colleagues will nominate and put a smile on our faces again year by year. We are proud to be such a cohesive team with a good sense of humor.  

We would also like to wish you a pleasant Christmas preparation with this funny compilation!

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