How to prepare in time for the RED compliance?

Answering your questions regarding the RED and Industrial IoT cybersecurity

In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity and technology, one of the hottest topics right now is the Radio Equipment Directive and its requirements and implications. Although the date of becoming mandatory has changed, this does not mean preparing for compliance should be postponed. Manufacturers are already striving to adapt and comply with the regulations and take advantage of the opportunities inherent in the IoT. However, the path leading to this still leaves many questions.

Read our latest newsletter where we delve into the complexities of the RED Directive, exploring the intersections between the RED and Industrial IoT components and other wireless communication devices. As both consumer IoT devices and Industrial Control System components may be subject to the RED, adherence to appropriate cybersecurity standards and practices is essential for compliance.

Discover how the RED directive is also reshaping the cybersecurity compliance of devices that intentionally emit and/or receive radio waves for communication and use radio frequencies for internal function.

What’s new on the RED Delegated Act

Everything you need to know about the changes in the summer of 2023

In an age where wireless technology is seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, safeguarding the cybersecurity of wireless devices is of utmost importance. The European Commission has taken a significant step in addressing these concerns by introducing the Delegated Act 2022/30, which enforces cybersecurity regulations for consumer IoT and radio equipment. This regulation replaces previous requirements outlined in Article 3(3) of the RED Directive. Our article will provide a comprehensive overview of this new directive, focusing on essential information necessary for achieving compliance during the transition period.

It provides an in-depth insight into the 2022/30 Delegated Act, which introduces critical cybersecurity rules for those types of consumer IoT, medical devices, and components used in industrial control systems that are considered radio equipment. If you want to understand the significance of this regulation and its effects on wireless devices, and if you want to know when the current law becomes mandatory, then you must read this article.

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Get to know the cost-saving advantages of Industrial IoT

Valuable insights and practical solutions to implement IIoT securely and efficiently

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), also known as Industry 4.0, utilizes intelligent sensors and actuators to transform the landscape of manufacturing and industrial processes. IIoT taps into the wealth of data accumulated by traditional, less intelligent machines over the years by harnessing the capabilities of real-time analytics and innovative machinery.

The fundamental concept behind IIoT revolves around the idea that smart machines excel at collecting, monitoring, and analyzing data in real time, facilitating faster and more precise communication of vital information. In essence, industrial IoT empowers various industries with advanced tools to streamline operations and enhance efficiency by harnessing the potential of intelligent technologies.

Our article is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding how Industrial IoT can revolutionize industrial operations. It provides valuable insights into the cost-saving advantages of IIoT, outlines the challenges and considerations, and offers practical solutions to implement IIoT securely and efficiently. Whether you're a business owner, a technology enthusiast, or a professional in the industrial sector, this article offers essential knowledge about the potential of IIoT in today's digital age.

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Practical approach to consumer IoT cybersecurity

Levente Cseh presents on a cybersecurity webinar 

24th October, 2023 (date TBC)

CCLab is proud to announce that our Sales Manager, Levente Cseh, has been invited to speak at an upcoming webinar organized by the QIMA Group. The preparation of the webinar focusing on cybersecurity has already started.

Levente Cseh brings extensive expertise in cybersecurity, particularly within the realm of Consumer IoT. His presentation will delve into the latest regulations, challenges, and solutions in ensuring the security of IoT devices that have become integral parts of our daily lives. Besides that he will also also includes a brief presentation of the standard ETSI EN 303 645, the first globally applicable cybersecurity standard for consumer IoT devices.

Join us as Levente shares valuable insights and strategies to safeguard IoT devices and protect personal data.

You can register for the webinar HERE.

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