Dreaming and growing together

- Cyber Digest 10th Anniversary edition -

We are grateful to our clients and partners for their cooperation over the past 10 years. We couldn’t get this far without them.

A quarter of a year has passed, so here we are with our latest newsletter. The year 2022 brought enormous changes in our life, which we are very proud of. The cybersecurity evaluation and certification of IoT products could not be more timely and important, therefore we have expanded our service portfolio with baseline security evaluation of consumer IoT products and cybersecurity evaluations of industrial control system components, and medical devices.

At the end of 2022, we joined QIMA group in order to strengthen further our mission to make the world a more secure place.

In 2023, in addition to celebrating our 10th birthday, we will continue getting stronger and supporting our customers with agile methodology and our solution-oriented approach.

How can we protect our assets? 

In 2023 cybersecurity is the key challenge withing the IoT device market

The IoT device market is rapidly growing, with a large number of devices being deployed in a wide range of sectors, including healthcare (IoMT), manufacturing (IIoT), energy (IoT), and transportation. IoT devices focused on making our environment easier and more comfortable, however, these devices often have security vulnerabilities that can leave users' personal information and networks at risk as they often perform data collection, data exchange, data processing, and data reaction tasks.  Because IoT devices are connected to a network, they are vulnerable to cyber attacks that can compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the device, and the information it processes. This can have serious consequences, especially for devices that handle sensitive information or are critical to the operation of a system. 

To address these challenges, manufacturers and other stakeholders need to implement robust cybersecurity measures and follow relevant regulations and standards.  Read more to know how CCLab can help to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and ensure the security of IoT devices.

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It's time to focus on IIoT

How the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is revolutionizing various industries and what  security challenges it poses

The industrial and technological revolution is with security threats. Potential cyber attacks may compromise critical data, interrupt operations, and cause equipment damage.  In 2021, the global market for IIoT platforms and apps for manufacturing industries was estimated to be worth 4.4 billion US dollars. The market is predicted to expand in the following years, reaching 22.3 billion US dollars in 2025. 

Read more about how IIoT impacts various industries, focusing mainly on the IIoT security and privacy concerns that come with it, and get familiar with the solutions CCLab offers to the energy sector leveraging our agile methodologies and extensive industry expertise.

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High-quality Developer documentation is key to success

Avoid mistakes, minimize risk, and maximize the efficiency of CC evaluations.

CCGuide can make your life easier. To prepare for an effective Common Criteria cybersecurity evaluation, high-quality developer documents are essential. Our CCGuide Training Course helps you to ensure the preparation for the evaluation goes smoothly, thereby saving money,  time, and energy for your company. 

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What is CCGuide?

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Our founders Mr. Ferenc Molnár and Mr. Zoltán Karászi

Committed since 2013 to making the world a more secure place 

CCLab was founded 10 years ago on this day (3rd April, 2013).  An exciting journey has led us to where we are now. We proudly look back on every challenge, important step on the way, and result and we are enthusiastic to see what the coming years hold for us. 

On the occasion of our birthday please welcome our founders', Ferenc Molnár and Zoltán Karászi thoughts about the beginnings, vision, and mission of the company that was founded 10 years ago on this very same day, on April 3, 2013.

„Already 10 years ago, it was clear that in addition to physical and functional security, the time of cybersecurity was also approaching. Back then the cybersecurity profession had such depths and horizons in front of us that we had to take advantage of, and we wouldn't do it any other way now. At the time, it seemed like a very exciting experiment, both professionally and commercially. Our knowledge and opportunities were given, but we had to time it well. 

We are proud that people have worked and are working here, for whom professionalism comes first and they never compromise. CCLab was created as our dream company. The way we operate, and the kind of team that has come together, shows that it creates serious value. We are most proud to be working in such an atmosphere, together with people with who we enjoy having meetings with and doing something valuable together.

It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to deal with far-reaching matters, both socially and professionally, in an international, but still friendly environment.

We have a clear vision of the future for the next 10 years: we will be present in another 5-6 countries, and our operating principle will be the same, especially at the lower security levels. Besides the international expansion of our core business areas, we will focus on software development and solution delivery, with as much automated conformity assessment as possible.„

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