May 29, 2024. 10:00-12:00 UTC+2
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Exploring EUCC: Legal, Market Impact, and Practical Application

Join CCLab's Webinar on EU Cybersecurity Certification Scheme (EUCC) on May 29, 2024

CCLab is excited to announce its upcoming webinar on EUCC, the European Cybersecurity Certification scheme, scheduled for May 29, 2024. Registration is now open for the free online event that aims to delve into the intricacies of EUCC and its implications for cybersecurity stakeholders.

Why is it important to understand EUCC?

With EUCC, the new Common Criteria Certification Scheme set to become effective by the end of February 2025, there has never been a more critical time to understand its significance. This certification framework will not only impact businesses within the EU but also have consequences on the global market. Thus, gaining insights into EUCC now is paramount for organizations seeking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape.

The webinar will feature a lineup of expert speakers who will provide comprehensive coverage of various aspects related to EU Cybersecurity Certification.


Kamilla Tóth
COO & Head of Marketing, CCLab

Opening Speech

Kamilla Tóth, COO of CCLab cybersecurity laboratory will be hosting the event.

Dr. Katalin Szűcs
COO & Head of Legal, CCLab

Overview of EUCC Legal and System-level

  • CSA (The Cybersecurity Act (EU 881 / 2019) requirements 
  • Fundamentals, objectives, structure, and processes of the EUCC system
  • Impact of EUCC on the existing CBs/schemes, clients, and laboratories
  • Types and levels of cybersecurity certificates in the EUCC system
  • Competitiveness effects of EUCC certificates at the European level
  • Challenges and opportunities regarding the general acceptance of EUCC
Dr. Karsten Klohs
Director Business Development Security Engineering, Achelos GmbH

Consultancy for EU Common Criteria (EUCC) within the Cyber Security Act (CSA)

  • EUCC status analysis from a Common Criteria consultant’s perspective
  • What we can expect during the transition period
  • How you can get prepared for the future
  • Tips for Sponsors/Developer from experienced CC consultants
Levente Cseh
Sales Manager, CCLab

Practical application of the EUCC process

  • Detailed overview of the EUCC certification process steps
  • Changes in evaluation cost, duration, and product scope 
  • Assistance in preparing for EUCC certification and necessary steps
  • The sooner the better - how does Common Criteria certification influence development and development documents
  • Now or later? Start your evaluation with CCLab this year (reasons, benefits, the process)


The webinar will conclude with a dedicated Q&A session, providing participants with the opportunity to ask their questions and delve deeper into any aspects of EU Common Criteria Cybersecurity Certification.

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Get to know our speakers

Dr. Katalin Szűcs

COO & Head of Legal, CCLab

Katalin is a highly experienced legal expert with 15+ years of management experience. Within the IT security field she has most detailed insights of PKI and digital signature solutions. Her strong background in technical project management and deep understanding of Common Criteria regulations gives her insights into the challenges of a CC evaluation process.

Dr. Karsten Klohs

Director Business Development Security Engineering, Achelos GmbH

Dr. Karsten Klohs has over 15 years of experience in conducting high-end Common Criteria evaluations both for embedded system developers and as a principal security evaluator and Common Criteria team lead in an ITSEF. He has substantial experience under both the German BSI and the Dutch NSCIB. Since more than three years, he is Director Business Development Security Engineering at Achelos - a developer-independent software engineering and consultancy company specialized on high-secure system development.

Levente Cseh

Sales Manager, CCLab

Levente is an Electrical Engineer and the main point of contact regarding commercial and business development challenges throughout CCLab's portfolio. He has an extensive knowledge in Computer Networking, especially Wireless Networks and NG Firewalls.

Kamilla Tóth

COO & Head of Marketing

Kamilla is an experienced manager and marketing professional who has worked in different fields of the IT industry. She has 20+ years of experience in PR, marketing and communications. She is skilled in business planning and operations, crisis management and digital strategy.