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June 9, 2022


Find out everything you need to know about Common Criteria evaluation & learn more about our new CC educational material, CCGuide


How to get your product certified in a uniquely short time?

Are you planning to get your product/solution Common Criteria certified? Get insight into our expert's experiences and listen to the best tips first-hand.

Learn which tools and practices can help you the most to succeed with your CC projects.

Check out some of the crucial questions we looked at. Sneak peek from our webinar.


  • Opening speach - Imre Fodor - Head of Laboratory, CCLab Ltd.
  • The future role of national schemes - dr. Katalin Szűcs - COO | Evaluator, CCLab Ltd.
  • Latest updates on EUCC scheme - Hendrik Dettmer - Head of Iot Security Lab, TÜV TRUST IT
  • BSI vs. OCSI - Marc Le Guin - Head of Dep. Hardware Evaluation, TÜViT  Bence Szabó - Qualified Evaluator, CCLab Ltd.
  • Best practices for Common Criteria - zero to hero - Jonatán Bodó - Sales Manager, CCLab Ltd.
  • Introducing CCGuide, our new CC educational tool - Dániel Király - Qualified Evaluator, CCLab Ltd.
  • Host: Kamilla Tóth, COO & Head of Marketing, CCLab

What to expect?

  • First-hand information about Common Criteria evaluation
  •  Best practices from industry experts
  • Preparation to avoid the most common mistakes
  • Insight into expected changes in CC and EUCC
  • CCGuide - CC educational material: unique opportunity to get our early bird offer to Developer Document Templates and Tutorial Videos.

Learn from industry experts

Join our experts for a discussion and Q&A

Dr. Katalin Szűcs

COO & Head of Legal
CCLab Kft.

Jonatán Bodó

Sales Manager
CCLab Kft.

Imre Fodor

Head of Laboratories (Budapest & Debrecen)
CCLab Kft.

Hendrik Dettmer

Head of IoT Security Lab

Marc Le Guin

Head of Dep. Hardware Evaluation

Bence Szabó

Qualified Common Criteria Evaluator
CCLab Kft.

Dániel Király

Qualified Evaluator
CCLab Kft.

Kamilla Tóth

COO & Head of Marketing
CCLab Kft.
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