Checklist for Swiss Smart Metering Cybersecurity Evaluations

Checklist for Common Criteria Certification

Updated in 2024

Get your FREE A-Z supporting material for smart meter security standards. Learn more about the Swiss METAS data security evaluation projects of smart metering devices.

Are you planning to start a Common Criteria evaluation? 

Are you worried about the project? We make it simple for You! We gathered all the information You need for a smooth Common Criteria certification.‍

Get your product ISO 15408 Common Criteria certified on the desired EAL - evaluation assurance level - without any headache.

In this e-book, you’ll learn:

  • The must-knows before starting a CC evaluation process
  • The main phases of the evaluation project
  • The most important steps required to ensure a successful ISO 15408 Common Criteria certification
  • The list of necessary documents the Developer/Sponsor has to provide for the evaluation.

Want to know more about the steps and documents required for cybersecurity assessments of Swiss smart metering systems?

Get guidance for METAS certification! 

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How to meet smart meter security standards?

This FREE downloadable smart meter security guide and checklist outline the key steps to ensure the success of a smart metering (and certification) project based on the Swiss assessment methodology. In addition, this document also introduces the necessary documents the Manufacturer needs to provide for the smart meter security evaluation project.

It provides details on what to know before starting the METAS certification process:

  • how to communicate with METAS, and with the test laboratory
  • details about the document evaluation
  • details on the vulnerability analysis process and documents
  • useful infographics on the data security examination process.

Get your FREE A-Z supporting material for the Swiss METAS data security evaluation projects of smart metering devices NOW!

Who is it for:

Obtaining a Common Criteria certification involves several key stakeholders within a product development company:

  • Product Managers
  • Security Architects/Engineers
  • Quality Assurance (QA) team
  • Compliance Officers
  • Senior Management
  • Legal Team

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