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You will get all the necessary technical information and best practices.
Learn how to achieve a successful and smooth Common Criteria evaluation project directly from cybersecurity experts.

1. Opening Speech: Imre Fodor - Head of Laboratory, CCLab Ltd.


  • Introducing the topics of this workshop
  • Why are we here? - Our motivation
  • News in CC and CCLab

2. The future role of national schemes: dr. Katalin Szűcs - COO | Evaluator, CCLab Ltd.


  • Understand the past: Cybersecurity Act
  • The role of ENISA
  • What we know for sure about EUCC

3. Latest updates on EUCC scheme: Hendrik Dettmer - Head of Iot Security Lab, TÜV TRUST IT


  • The role and importance of consultancy in CC projects
  • Cooperation with client & Test Lab from the consultant's point of view

4. BSI vs. OCSI: Marc Le Guin - Head of Dep. Hardware Evaluation, TÜViT & Bence Szabó - Qualified evaluator, CCLab Ltd.


  • German vs Italian scheme - Are there any differences?
  • Evaluation procedure at OCSI
  • Evaluation procedure at BSI

5. Best practices for Common Criteria - zero to hero: Jonatán Bodó - Sales Manager, CCLab Ltd.


  • Crash course & landscape
  • The big questions
  • Best practices

6. Introducing CCGuide, our new CC educational tool: Dániel Király - Qualified evaluator, CCLab Ltd.


  • How to get a Common Criteria certification
  • A new solution for resource-conscious developers
  • What CC Guide offers

Learn everything you need to know for a successful Common Criteria evaluation project. Save costs and efforts with your checklist.

Guide and Checklist for Common Criteria Evaluations

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Guide and Checklist for Common Criteria Evaluations