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You will get all the necessary technical information and best practices.
Learn how to achieve a successful and smooth Common Criteria evaluation project directly from cybersecurity experts.

1. Overview of Common Criteria and EUCC: Hendrik Dettmer - Head of IoT Security, Lab, TÜV TRUST IT

What to expect?

  • A general explanation of the CC landscape and a hint of the upcoming EUCC Scheme
  • Common Criteria Evaluation and assurance: principles of the certification scheme and requirements

2. Are you ready? Tips and tricks: Jonatán Bodó - Sales Manager, CCLab

What to expect?

  • Plan ahead with benefits
  • Consultancy, workshop, training
  • Preliminary reviews and testing
  • How to start - where to start?
  • Best practices

3. Keys and Guidance on successfully navigating Common Criteria: Matthew Appler - CEO, Corsec

What to expect?

  • The role and importance of consultancy in CC projects
  • Cooperation with client & Test Lab from the consultant's point of view

4. How to make the process effective & smooth? How to avoid typical mistakes?: dr. Katalin Szűcs - COO, Evaluator, CCLab | Gergő Czuczor - Qualified Evaluator, Pentester

What to expect?

  • Document evaluation
  • Vulnerability analysis and penetration test
  • Typical mistakes

5. How we experienced CC evaluation process as a client?: Alexander Testov - Senior Product Certification Manager, Kaspersky Lab Inc.

What to expect?

  • Kaspersky's client experience
  • Tips & advices: how to work effectively with the lab as a client.

Learn everything you need to know for a successful Common Criteria certification project. Save costs and efforts with your checklist.

Guide and Checklist for Common Criteria Evaluations

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Guide and Checklist for Common Criteria Evaluations