Kamilla Tóth

Chief Operating & Marketing Officer

I used to work for an international trading company, where I had to prepare a lot of printing materials to support sales activities. The guy who did the product photos left the company and suddenly I found myself standing in front of the photo shooting tent with an old Nikon in my hand.

I was responsible for marketing so it seemed obvious for everyone - except myself - that I should be taking the product photos from now on…Then I realized photographer is happen to be a serious profession and there are many good reasons for that. 

I decided to learn photography and I have fallen in love with it. Not because of the boring product photos I had to photograph, but some other areas of photoshooting grabbed my attention. Human portraits, street photography and nature are my favourite subjects.

This is still a hobby only, but I am very happy to say that I could give my photos to newly married couples, beautiful ladies, pregnant moms and young lovers who just got engaged. I love to show them how beautiful they are not just on the outside, but inside as well.

Kamilla Tóth