Imre Fodor

Head of Laboratory

Run or fight. I’m ready for both if the situation brings it that way. During the years of university, I ran 5 kilometers a day, gaining the endurance that still helps to this day.

Many years later I started to cycle regularly.

Ever since then I dealt with IT security at CCLab, I have also been more concerned with the security of my private life.

I am a member of the Ronin Fight Academy learning technical tricks.

The story is very simple of  both my professional and private life: 

If your ability is higher than the attacker, the attacker will fall short in the fight.

It means constant preparation and struggle.

That is why the healthy soul in a healthy body statement is very important in our profession.

The principle "If you want peace, be prepared for war" also applies to the IT security profession.

Imre Fodor