Blanka Bognár

Project Manager

Ever met a Project Manager who can seamlessly switch from "Gantt charts" to "catnip toys" without missing a beat? Well, you're in for a treat! Introducing Blanka, our feline-tastic Purr-ject manager.

When I traveled around Southeast Asia, I had the opportunity to work with several NGOs, and I understood the effect of volunteer work. 

After I arrived back home, I felt the urge to help and upon looking around myself, I decided to help one of the most defenseless: the animals. Originally I started to work with a group, that helped find lost pets or find a home for the strays, but soon I realized my real calling is caring and nurturing, especially for cats. I started to help my current organization, Cicamentő Angyalok (translation: Cat Saving Angels) when I helped in the delivery of a stray pregnant cat, which was seriously malnourished. Their efforts to save the life of that cat were truly inspirational to me. 

Before and After

I learned how to care for neonatal kittens, and successfully fostered and adopted a few as well. Of course, I also had foster fails, a little tortoise, named Frida, and a chubby black-and-white cat, who also started out as a tiny one, but after we named her Snowball, decided to resemble her namesake. They get along well with my original cat, Chili, who was intentional. :) 

Since I have a full house of cats, I volunteer at the Cicamentő Angyalok's shelter, where I can care for and love many orphan cats. What I admire the best in my NGO, is that we don't give up on cats with serious injuries, but try everything to save them. 

It's the highlight of my week when I go to the shelter to feed them, give them their medicines, and yes, even clean the litter box. Even with their disadvantages, to me, they are purrfect.

Blanka's cats from kittens to adults
Blanka Bognár