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Communication Certification Laboratory (CCL) offers complete testing services for the information technology and telecommunications industry. CCL provides testing services to worldwide regulatory requirements in the areas of Terminal Attachment, Product Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). CCL provides for the complete testing of your product in one location.

A major change in the way that governments regulate telecommunications products occurred in 1975, when the FCC Part 68 program took effect. The FCC began permitting the customer to own and connect their own telephone equipment directly to the telephone network. Since that date a number of other countries have opened their markets as well. Such changes have now made it possible for telecommunications equipment manufacturers to sell their products to customers throughout the world.

CCL provides conformity assessment services that assist the manufacturer in complying with the regulatory requirements in the new global market.

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Background Information

Communication Certification Laboratory has a 12,000 square foot main office and laboratory building which houses the administrative offices and various laboratories. In addition to the 3 meter anechoic chamber located at the Salt Lake City Laboratory, CCL has an open area test site, on 32 acres, located approximately 40 miles east of Salt Lake City in Wanship, Utah.

CCL was formed in 1971 to provide testing of telephone terminal equipment for connection to the telephone network. The initial testing work was for individual State requirements. When the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Part 68 registration program was finalized, the emphasis of the testing was shifted to FCC Part 68.

EMC test capabilities were added to the laboratory in 1980 to test to the newly established FCC Part 15 "Computing Order".

CCL was approved in 1985 by the Department of Communications (DOC) in Canada, to test to Standard CS-02 and CS-03. The DOC has since changed their name to Industry Canada.

CCL is recognized by the United States Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) to perform product safety testing and certification. Under this program, CCL offers product safety certification on telecommunications and information technology equipment. CCL also acts as a "network partner" with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) in providing product safety certification services under the CSA mark.

CCL is an approved laboratory for the testing of telecommunications products by AUSTEL, the telecom terminal attachment authority in Australia.

CCL is also involved in testing to industry standards, such as those issued by: Electronic Industry Association, Telecommunications Industry Association, Nortel, AT&T and Bellcore.

Technical Competence

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Quality test facilities and experienced staff are available, at CCL, to provide the various conformity assessment services available at CCL.

CCL has demonstrated its competence to perform testing to FCC Rules, Parts 15 and 68 by being accredited by the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) (Lab Code 100272-0). CCL was one of the first laboratories to offer testing to FCC Part 68 and was instrumental in the development of the rules. CCL takes an active part on Telecommunication Industry Association's (TIA) committee TR41.9.

CCL is recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and as such provides a certification program for product safety. Through this program CCL has gained experience in providing Certification services.


CCL is an independent testing and certification laboratory. CCL has no affiliation with any manufacturer. The client base at CCL is diverse and is not concentrated with any particular manufacturer.

Mission Statement

The mission of Communication Certification Laboratory (CCL) is to be a pioneer and pacesetter in the full-service testing and certification of telecommunications and information technology equipment. The highest priority at CCL is to provide quality service to our clients. To accomplish this objective CCL is committed to: the quality guidelines established by the international laboratory community as stated in the ISO Guides and to the ACIL "Code of Ethics".

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